the dignity of movement of the iceberg

sentimental education or the invisible girlfriend

Posted in alec soth / the mind's presence room by icebergmovement on August 11, 2010

Less than 6 weeks before his death, Fernando Pessoa wrote the following poem under one of his heteronyms, Álvaro Campos.

All Love Letters are Ridiculous

All love letters
Are ridiculous.
They would not be love letters if they
Were not ridiculous.

In my time I also wrote love letters
Like the others,

Love letters, if there is love,
Have to be

But, finally,
It is only children who have never written
Love letters
That are

Oh how I wish I were back in the time
When I wrote (without being aware
Of it) love letters that are

The truth is that today
It is my memory
Of those love letters
That is

(All singular words,
Like singular feelings,
Are naturally

Au Revoir, Sticky
By Lester B. Morrison

The next time
my imaginary mistress
demands a love poem,
I’m going to untangle the lines from my gills and
plunge the hook into her sweet
exfoliated cheek –
A Post-It from the Son of Sam:
“I’m not a wemon hater,
but a monster..”

The next time she whispers,
Sing a love song from your cell,
I won’t wail like a lonely tranny.
I’ll kiss off to Caucasus,
drink butter and moonshine
till the kidnapped maiden cries,
“me hoot, it hurts, sonny boy.”

This is my music,
Sweet sticky,
This is the song for my no-see-ums,
The chubby behemoth is pushing off,
Mr. Bones bids farewell,
Bon nuit
and sweet dreams.


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